• “Great show last night mates! Really really had fun!” – Rodney Polon

  • “I saw you guys three or four years ago at the Knitting Factory. You opened for Hell’s Belles . . . you guys kicked ass!” – Mitchell Harris

  • “New Years Eve with DOF, the show was horns up!” – Idaho’s Metal Family

  • “You guys are the shit, Rock On !” – Robbie Loepp

  • “These guys tear it up!!! Saw them in Pocatello, they absolutely killed it!” – Carl Hocker

  • “I saw you guys and Blistered Earth play, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.” – Rishi Chattergie

  • “Awesome show! Definitely enjoyed it!” – Mariah Ericson

  • “Love Defenders Of the Faith. They rock . . . nice guys too!”  -Stacy Perryman

  • “You guys brought the house down!” – Missie Burgon

  • “Front man sounds so much like Rob it’s trippy!” – Jay West

  • “Holy Shit! First time I seen and heard you guys totally awesome!” – Patsy Anthony

  • “Great show! Haven’t had that much fun in a long time!” – Deanna Hart

  • “You guys are one of the best bands I’ve seen in a long time!” – Scott Hart

  • “DOF rock the house every time they play at any venue. We love them!” – Martina Ominsky

  • “Please come back to Lewiston!!! You guys were so incredible! To me, DOF is Judas Priest!" – Wally Branting

  • “Stellar show last night! We were just blown away by your performance!” – McKenzie Black-Howell